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Curl Activator encourages and supports the bounce of curly and wavy hair and results in noticeably more hold.Curls that lack bounce? Curl Activator restores movement to tired curls. It activates the elastic bounce of the..
Defining Cream makes curls look their best – controlled, conditioned and defined!Are your curls rebelling again? Are you having problems taming them? Not any more! Curl Defining Cream bunches the hair into clearly define..
This spray refreshes curls in a flash and restores their elastic bounce, moisture and shine.Curly hair is mostly naturally dry and therefore more difficult to detangle. The scalp’s natural care substances find it more di..
Curly hair can dance and is full of movement. Sexy, quirky and vivacious. And sometimes totally untamed when expressive curls are replaced by uncontrolled frizz.Curl Shampoo respects and supports the special curl structu..
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