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Conditioner Anti Frizz

  • SKU: 120120
  • Content: 150ml
  • Range: Anti Frizz
  • Availability: In Stock

Conditioner Anti Frizz provides extremely lasting calming and conditioning of frizzy hair, gives it smoothness, elasticity and restores its style.

The majority of hair is not naturally straight and if it also suffers from a lack of moisture and structural damage, it is also prone to frizz. Moisture in the air is therefore also the enemy of all laboriously styled and straightened hair because this hair type attracts it like a magnet.

Conditioner Anti Frizz restores a healthy moisture balance to stubborn hair with the La Biosthétique Hydro-Control complex. It effectively regenerates the sensitive cuticle without creating oiliness or weighing it down, resulting in improved manageability. The hair is given a beautifully easy to style smoothness – in a stylish sleek look or voluminous curls and waves. Flyaway hair and frizziness are reliably prevented. Anti Frizz Conditioner rapidly transforms problematic hair into fantastically conditioned, simply beautiful hair with a seductive shine. The optimum synergy effect with Shampoo, Balm and Serum Anti Frizz – system care with a 48-hour long-term guarantee!

• Ultra-light lipids: lastingly stabilise the hair’s moisture balance
• Aqua Style complex: calms hair without weighing it down
Ideally, first wash hair with Shampoo Anti Frizz. After every second or third wash, distribute Conditioner Anti Frizz into the hair, leave in for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Tip: For an optimum long-term effect, subsequently apply Anti Frizz Styling Balm.

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